Experience an unparalleled walking experience with Mephisto’s SOFT-AIR TECHNOLOGY. SOFT-AIR ensures every Mephisto insole is soft and flexible, reducing impact from walking to a minimum. Reducing shock to your feet, vertebrae and joints has highly beneficial long-term effects, and aids in sustaining foot hygiene at positive level. 


A flexible, removable anatomic footbed that perfectly contours to the shape of the foot improving your overall fit. Preserving the existing anatomy of the foot also helps to avoid pronation. Highly shock absorbing, this removable footbed can also be washed, promoting a cleaner healthier foot environment. 


The AIR-JET system helps to provide a constant stream of fresh air circulating throughout the inside of the shoe. Not only do your feet remain cool and dry, a breathable shoe helps maintain a healthy foot environment while providing a pleasant freshness for the foot. This also eliminates the need for odour protection sprays.


Mephisto’s AIR-BAG’s are composed of a hollow piece of rubber located in the heel section of the shoe. This structure is filled with air and designed to bend and take the shape of the imperfect surfaces you walk on. With this technology, every step is absorbed through the AIR-BAG rather than your feet, protecting your joints and vertebrae from impact. Your heel also experiences a higher level of protection and support, providing a feeling of tireless walking.


Every Mephisto shoe includes a shock absorber within the heel that has been optimised to promote the highest level of comfort for every step. Effective shock absorption aids in reducing impact to your feet, joints and vertebrae, and thus helping to reduce later skeletal problems. 


GORE-TEX ® is a waterproof, lightweight and breathable fabric that is designed for optimal climate control within the shoe. A wide range of Mephisto styles are crafted with the GORE-TEX ® membrane, which allows the natural perspiration of the foot to move out of its microscopic pores. Perfect for a winter day, the GORE-TEX ® membrane ensures ultimate thermal comfort.


This technology aids in protecting your feet longer against rain and wetness. Crafted with hydrophobic leathers and using a seam-sealed process, your shoe will provide excellent protection of the stitches and seams.


The combination caoutchouc (a natural rubber that has not been vulcanised) gives Mephisto outsoles their renowned light and comfortable composition. A perfect blend of extreme suppleness and unparalleled lightness, Mephisto outsoles are not only comfortable but super shock absorbing. Highly durable, Mephisto outsoles are also suitable for varied terrains.


All Mephisto shoes are handmade by our master shoemakers. On average, 160 to 220 meticulous operations and steps are completed to perfect the flawless pair of Mephisto shoes. Because each Mephisto shoe is individually handmade, each shoe is unique. Look out for the Mephisto label pictured for a guarantee of its authenticity.